Opti (Optimist) - To be used for all beginners.

The Opti is one of the most popular sailing dinghies in the world, with over 150,000 boats officially registered with the class and many more built but never registered. [1] The Optimist is recognized as an International Class by the International Sailing Federation. Length is 7’-9”, and beam is 3’-8”, and weighs 77 pounds.

 Opti fleet

The JY15 is a one-design racer/day sailor. It can be sailed with 2-3 people comfortably.
Self-bailing cockpit, length 15’, beam 5’-10”, extremely stable hull that allows for a greater range of crew weight.  One Design specifications ensure that every boat is the same, and an air tight hull that provides over 1000 lbs. of positive flotation.


The Sunfish sailboat is a personal size, beach launched sailing dinghy utilizing a pontoon type hull carrying a lateen sail mounted to an un-stayed mast.  Length 13’-10”, beam 4’-1”, weighs 120 pounds.